Psychological effects of bullying essay

Make it as engaging as you can. Quotes and anecdotes work pretty well for essay introductions. We live in a fast-paced digital age with Smartphones apps at our beck and call. But the dark evil of bullying continues to haunt people all over the globe, with children and teens being the most vulnerable of victims. The Centre for Disease Control has already declared bullying as a major public health issue, and it is time we looked up from our Smartphone screens.

The first step to combating a problem is understanding it, and that is exactly what we have set about to do. In this essay, I will discuss the primary causes and effects of bullying to shed light on the rapidly increasing and evolving social evil. The mainframe of your essay, the body paragraphs contain relevant information related to your topic.

Body paragraphs usually explain one argument per paragraph and follow a logical structure. Ensure that you start each one with the topic sentence and end the paragraph with a connecting sentence. Since you are to write an essay on the causes AND effects of bullying, tackling them in separate paragraphs would be a wise move.

Psychological effects of cyber bullying essay

First, let us get to the bottom of the causes of bullying. Why do bullies behave the way they do? What makes them turn against their fellow beings, abusing or shaming them emotionally, psychologically and physically? Studies show that bullying has strong connections to earlier stress and trauma. Some psychological studies also connect it to aggressive behaviour or a sense of dominance.

Since women are more likely to be bullied than men, one can notice a pattern forming right there. Writing your essay — tips to keep in mind The Cambridge English Dictionary defines bullying as an act of hurting or frightening someone over a period, often forcing that person to do things against their will. Introduction — start off on the right note Acquaint the readers with the topic. Example: We live in a fast-paced digital age with Smartphones apps at our beck and call. That has started to teenagers, video embedded bullying as well.

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The Effects of Bullying on Children

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Bullying is a serious problem that is present in our world today. More than half of the population has been or will be bullied during sometime of their school-age life. The effects of bullying on children can be fatal; it can cause social isolation or even suicide. Bullying is an aggressive behavior where one or more children intentionally intimidate, harm or harass another child who is termed a victim. The victim is perceived by the bullies to be weak and unable to defend themself.

The victim feels as if he or she cannot retaliate to the aggressive behaviors and senses the bullies to be more powerful. There are many reasons why children bully other children. Typically it starts at home.

If a child comes from an unaffectionate or inefficiently supervised home, he or she is more likely to become a bully than the contrary. Children whom have been abused or neglected are also more likely to push others around.

Cause and Effect of Bullying- Essay Samples, Tips & Examples

Other reasons for bullying include having low self-esteem or self-confidence, or having a need to feel dominant and powerful. There are four main types of bullying on school-aged children. The first is physical, which includes physical violence and destruction of property. Next is verbal, which includes any type of verbal harassment like name-calling, insults, sexual, homophobic, or racial remarks, or abusive language.