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I hope someone will lead me, so I can avoid some classic mistakes that most project managers tend to do. However, as I have been in the industry for over two years, I am pleased to share my experiences with you so that you can avoid these mistakes.

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Look at what I think I know when I first start project management -. There are two ways to learn traditional learning methods such as books, videos, and courses. Learn from other people's mistakes; you can get it from blogs, articles, lectures, etc and you can learn from our own mistakes. The first and second are sometimes easy ways, but the third is the hardest and most time-consuming, but it gives you the most experience of lifelong learning. I shared this article after learning from the third method. Since the basic design has been completed, you can discuss with the developers easily about the build.

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But you may ask me how to talk to developers, I do not even know the programming 'P'. I understand : This is difficult as you do not even know what programming language, front end, back end, server and other related technologies are used. If there is no money, there are few proposals worth trying. Learning From Others' Mistakes Learning from others about wrong growth usually feels like a roller coaster.

Life is limited and we have too much time to make all the mistakes ourselves. As such, why not focus on the mistakes that others make in order to avoid them? It is not only an issue of time, but by doing this, we will also avoid suffering the negative consequences of that mistake.

From the moment we are born, we start realizing that failing is a way of finding truth in the medium and long term.

Its Better To Learn From Others Mistakes Essay

The first years of our life, we are constantly failing, but over time, we start to recognize the fruits of our failures, with a more intense and lasting taste. When we get older, the consequences become more complicated, which does not mean that the process is completely invalid. These consequences are also tied to the positive side that we can find in those circumstances. That is to say, the mistakes with the most negative consequences also tend to be the ones that have a great ability to transform us.

In this sense, we must not forget that the very process of accepting consequences can also be a great lesson, not just the failure in and of itself. And I never blame others for them.

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Maybe we are not prepared at 18 to start our own business, but we could be at Along the way, we will have gathered experience and learned from the right and wrong things that our bosses have done. Someone once said that all people can be divided into three big groups: one that assimilates their mistakes; another that in addition to their own, also does this with the mistakes of others; and a final group that does neither of these. It is good to belong to this second group, especially because doing so reduces our probability of falling into a well just to prove that it is there.

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Staying aware of what is happening around us is a defensive weapon to prevent avoidable injuries. Others teach us about concrete situations without needing to experience them personally.

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We can also do so sensitively and cautiously, even elaborating on the possible consequences that could have arisen as a result of the other options chosen. However, what other reasons can there be to focus on the behaviors of others?

Maybe the most important of all is that there is always something new to learn. In this sense, life is a constant opportunity to learn.