Thesis theme change sidebar color

We notice that sidebars are probably the most user-customized area of WordPress sites.

Change color of Divi Extra Title Tabs of default sidebar

People make tons of changes such as adding custom texts, images, links, advertisement, and other widgets. If you are using a widget-enabled theme, and you switch to a theme that is not widget-ready, then you will lose all of that. If you are using a widget-enabled WordPress theme, then this is not an issue. Also anything that you modify in sidebar.

So make sure that you add those codes in the new theme sidebar. Most bloggers use some sort of analytics whether it be Google Analytics , or one of the other services. Some of us open the footer. Some of our themes have a spot to place the adsense code.

Thesis theme change sidebar background color

Whichever one is your case, you want to make sure that you copy and paste your tracking code to your new theme. This is one of the things that is very commonly overlooked by users. Because it is so simple, most of us forget about it. One of the parts of integrating FeedBurner into WordPress is pointing your default feeds to FeedBurner this way you can have analytics on your feed subscribers.

A lot of themes like Genesis, Standard Theme , and others allow you to integrate FeedBurner from their settings panel. You need to make sure that you keep the feed directed to FeedBurner otherwise there will be two RSS feeds for your blog. You never have anything to lose by creating a backup.

Change color of sidebar header in thesis WordPress theme

As a precautionary measure, you should backup all of your theme files, plugins, and the database. Although nothing should happen, but you can never be too safe. You can use BackupBuddy to create a full-site Backup for you. It is best to turn on Maintenance mode for 15 — 20 minutes that it may take you to make sure that everything is working properly. Once you have setup Maintenance mode, you are good to go ahead and activate the new theme.

Once you have the new theme activated, you need to make sure that you retain all the functionality and plugins still work. This is the time where that can come handy. Try out all the features including but not limited to the commenting process, single post pages, search, page, archive page, contact page etc. Make sure all of your widgets are still there and are working. On the plugin front, you just want to make sure that the formatting is still the same. A lot of plugins utilize your existing styles to display their output.

Thesis Theme Review: Bloggers Best Friend

So you probably want to make sure that they still look good with the new theme. Test your site in all browsers you have access to. Browsers have a tendency of rendering things differently. Specially Internet Explorer. You want to make sure that your design looks good in major browsers. Some pretty looking themes have a tendency of breaking in various browsers. So if a lot of your audience is using Internet Explorer, then you want to make sure that it is still accessible to them.

If you are using Google Adsense or another ad company that allows you to format them, then your best bet is to customize them. For example, you previous site was orange, so you had orange links for Google Adsense. Now if it is blue, then you probably want to take that into account. Same goes for twitter widget, facebook like buttons etc. Adjust those with your new color scheme. If you are going from a light to a dark design, or vice-versa, then you need to make those changes. Turn off maintenance mode, and write a quick blog post to let the users know.

Notice, you only spent like 15 — 20 minutes on checking things. By letting your users know, you can expect to get bug reports. We often ask our readers on twitter wpbeginner for bug testing. Ask your audience via twitter, facebook etc to see if the site looks good in their browser. If they say YES, then its good news. If they say NO, then ask them to please take a screenshot of the issue. You can take a look at the issue and try to fix it.

People have all sort of browsers, screen resolutions, etc, so getting their opinion is important. Themes are now coming pre-loaded with a lot of features. For example, if you are using Genesis or another theme that has BreadCrumbs , then you can get rid of Breadcrumb plugin of yours. The concept is simple. One thing you should make sure though is often plugins can do the job better. For example a lot of themes are coming with tons of SEO features. Make your choices wisely. You are working with a new theme here, so it is probably best that you make changes carefully.

Change smaller elements to make sure that it behaves properly in all browsers. Then once you are comfortable enough, then you can make drastic changes.

This will allow you to detect the problem right away. Take the load time numbers that you had on your old theme from item 1 of this checklist , and compare the two. After switching themes, you want to make sure that you are monitoring bounce rate. Some themes are just more friendlier than others when it comes to navigating the readers around your site. If your bounce rate has increased compared to the previous theme, then you should probably work on that.

Add related posts widgets, popular posts widgets, or simply have a better call-to-action for new readers. When a new design comes out, users always have suggestions. They either love a specific feature, or hate a specific feature. Communicate with your audience using surveys or Facebook Polls. See what they would like to see improved, and then work on getting that done. Do you have a checklist of your own when changing WordPress themes?

Would love to hear it if we missed something. Trusted by over 1. Hi, my webpages appear blank even after editing pages and updating. What should i do? Should i change my theme?

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You normally will need to connect the plugin but yes, the plugin allows you to easily swap themes and keep your tracking information. What a fantasitc resource this site is. I am a complete novice with all this stuff, and you explain it clearly and in plain language that is easy to understand.

I will be regularly visiting your site. Thank you so much for helping so many strangers, like myself.

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Thank you, glad our articles can be helpful. Hi Thanks for the pos. I am a starter. When I changed the theme, all the sidebars like, home, shop, contact etc disappeared.

How to Change sidebar widget background and Border in Thesis Theme

But in the real theme model it is showing. What did I wrong. I have a WP site that I want to change. If not, what do I do? I have an old non-responsive theme — and wish to migrate. Any advice would be helpful! I was getting the error message. Your advice on removing plugins and slowly adding them back was a great help.

I have used those plugins for a long time but maybe they do not like my new theme. Thanks for the help. Glad our recommendation was helpful.