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As a result, many students buy dictionaries specifically dedicated to French verbs. Honestly, if I were a French student, the mere sight of these dictionaries would discourage me! Do I have to learn all that??!

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There is an easy way you can dramatically reduce the amount of memorisation and headaches! The following recipeshas helped many of my students. The recipes provided aim at making learning and memorizing easier, but they are not lessons in themselves. Nothing is perfect indeed! Also if you like this article, you may also like French Your Way Podcast. Good luck. Hi, I'm doing a french exam next week and we have to write a short story only words but I'm just wondering what tense I should be using when I write.

Salut, J'ai un examen de francais la semaine prochaine et on dois ecrire un redaction seulement mots , mais ce que je demande c'est quelle temps il faut que j'utilise?

For example last years exam described a situation where you were in your uncles house and found a strange room which was locked, you decided to break in So if I want to say 'the door creaked as it opened' would I say , ''la porte craqua comme il ouvrit''? Excusez moi pour les erreurs inevitable en francais et la penurie des accents j'ai un clavier irlandais! Il y avait un lit et un journal. Then it depends on your level at school! I think they may want us to use the imperfect subjunctive as well!

Help me!

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So I would have to use it then joleen? No problem! If you're a uni student then I think you should go with the simple past. I hope your teacher doesn't expect you to use the imperfect subjunctive as it's not really taught in schools nowadays, and not used at all. Maybe s he wants you to use the "plus-que-parfait"? Im going to be honest I'm quite confused! Not by you though, just by what they want us to do!

I recognise and can write in practically all the tenses except the passe imparfait! I'm almost positive they were teaching that to us at some stage this semester!

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Anyway thank you for your help anyway! I'll write in the passe simple when it seems correct to me! Wish me luck! Merci mille fois Joleen! Don't worry, it's not even easy for us so I guess it's hell for you The best way to get used to tenses is to read books. When you just look at rules, it always seems complicated even with examples Good luck then.

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If we imagine the door was only being motioned back and forth by the wind all the time while we are approaching the house it is an action that has no beginning or end while we are watching - just as little as the house being green. That would call for l'imparfait. The long dolly shot that just showed what a place looked like or what actions in general were taking place, was l'imparfait.

Then a cut - some action was showed, somebody talking or doing something, and cut again. I know how to conjugate roughly :-D and that it sounds really elitist when one uses it for common conversation in France I do not know about the other Francophone countries.

However, I have to write a thesis for my undergraduate senior seminar if you can even call that a thesis. Should I use it when writing a request for a letter of recommendation?

French Past Tense

Should I use it in a thesis? In a thank-you note to the President of France random example I know? Likewise, if you are narrating historical events in a book or an academic paper, you would certainly use it.