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However these supply chains were damaging to the environment as well as local communities of developing countries as deforestation and the use of child labour on tobacco plantations became widespread throughout these supply chains. In the s these companies addressed the environmental and labour concerns by redefining their tobacco farming procedures and implementing environmentally sustainable practices.

The principle states that employees must protect and preserve public goods or common grounds including sustainability and other environmental issues in order to conduct business in an ethical manner. Furthermore the tobacco industry uses CSR to uphold the wellbeing of society despite continuing to produce lethal products. The health effects which occur as a result of using products manufactured by tobacco companies are widespread and in most cases deadly.

The tobacco companies are well aware of their products deadly nature however they continue to manufacture and distribute these products. In an effort to repair their image, the tobacco companies used public relations exploits and funding youth anti-smoking campaigns which have been proven to be ineffective and in fact a heinous marketing tool directed at underage smokers. Friedman Tobacco companies have even gone as far to focus their corporate social responsibility tactics at the education sector in the form of scholarships, grants, professorships and even the creation of an entire school World Health Organisation This use of corporate social responsibility however was used as more of a defence against public condemnation due to the unchanged nature of their selling practices.

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On August 17, the United States District Court found the tobacco industry guilty of a number of allegations of fraud and conspiracy Friedman Tobacco companies continue to manufacture and distribute products with full knowledge of the products lethal nature when used as directed, using CSR only as a defence against public scrutiny. Clement-Jones states that no company producing weapons or growing tobacco can ever be truly socially responsible due to the harmful effects of their products indicating that corporate social responsibility can merely be used as a tool of deception and hypocrisy.

By implementing CSR practices into the business conduct of tobacco industry, the companies create a false representation of responsibility for their actions. Tobacco companies have been some of the first organisations in the early years of the s to realise the value of public relations and gaining support for their industry Thomson The tobacco industry fails to follow this principle through their use of CSR as they operate in a deceptive manner.

The use of CSR by organisations such as tobacco companies can never truly be an effective strategy as long as the manufacture of harmful products continues under these organisations.

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Using three principles of the business standards codex as well as the use of CSR by the tobacco industry to secure public support, it has been shown that these strategies have ulterior motives and are purely marketing tools used by these companies to conceal the promotion of their products which is banned by legislation. CSR however can remain a highly effective tool for public relations as long as the intentions of those organisations are beneficial to society.

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An advantage over competitors. By embracing CSR, you stand out from competitors in your industry. You establish yourself as a company committed to going one step further by considering social and environmental factors. Increased customer engagement. Post it on your social media channels and create a story out of your efforts.

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  • Customers will follow this and engage with your brand and operations. Greater employee engagement. Similar to customer engagement, you also need to ensure that your employees know your CSR strategies. More benefits for employees. There are also a range of benefits for your employees when you embrace CSR. Your workplace will be a more positive and productive place to work, and by promoting things like volunteering, you encourage personal and professional growth.