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Diseases, such as Dengue fever, prevalent in developing nations, are believed to be perpetuated by unsanitary waste disposal methods. Higher prevalence of reproductive disorders, including low birth weight, are common in areas located near existing and former landfills.

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So where do we go from here? We can keep ignoring the problem of improper waste disposal and continue filling the earth and air with toxic waste, or we can begin to address the problem individually.

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Each of us can make better choices with the items we purchase to reduce our waste. Things such as disposable baby diapers take many lifetimes to decompose. Instead of opting for plastic, we can choose cloth diapers that are not only better for our children, but best for the planet. We can also choose items that are sold in as little packaging as possible—opting for fresh fruits and vegetables, sans plastic bags, instead of canned substitutes.

Composting organic matter is another way to reduce waste.

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Many municipalities now offer composting facilities, making it easier than ever. On a global scale, education is key. Those who exercise poor waste management techniques may not fully understand the impact of their actions.

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Teaching identification of different types of waste and appropriate disposal methods is one initiative that can be accomplished globally to reduce improper waste management. In such cases, we need to help those governments implement the necessary waste management infrastructure. Tougher punishment for companies who pollute our rivers and streams with toxic waste is another global initiative that can reduce pollution.

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Incineration Incineration and landfills are the most widely-used waste management methods. Improper waste management Unfortunately, far too few are acting with the best interest of the planet in mind. Tossing everyday items into the trash can seem like second nature to many people. If you are implementing recycling techniques into your lifestyle, you are taking a positive step toward helping the environment.


Less than 25 percent of that waste is recycled and the rest ends up in landfills, incinerated or in ditches and roadsides. It is important to learn the basics of recycling so that the waste that does end up in landfills can be disposed of properly.

Plastics, metals, papers and certain types of glass can all be recycled at your local recycling center. If you take the time to send these items to recyclable locations, the items can be reused and returned to consumers. If recyclables are placed into the ground they can potentially contaminate the surrounding soil. The Western Courier shares with readers that as plastic water bottles break down they can release DEHA, a type of carcinogen that can cause reproductive problems, liver issues and weight loss.

This type of chemical can leach into the soil and cause contamination that can reach plant and animal life as well as water sources. Newspapers or paper that contains ink can be toxic to the soil as well. If the garbage is dumped or not contained properly in a landfill it will contaminate the surrounding ground.

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When disposing of garbage that contains harmful chemicals such as bleach, acid or oil it is important that it is disposed of in approved containers and labeled correctly. Paper, plastics and other materials that are burned can contaminate the air when they are burned.